1kProjects Rebrands to IndieMaker & Launches Brand New Platform

Look out Flippa! The rising Marketplace platform previously called 1kProjects, where makers can sell their side-projects, unused domains and online businesses.

Now the platform is rebranding to IndieMakers, all with a new domain name, a fancy new social handle and email addresses as of 12 March 2020. This news was confirmed via an email sent to previous 1KProject account holders.

It doesn’t end there either, Not only has the platform rebranded but the site now has new features, such as:

  • a new brand name and a fresh new look
  • much-requested improvements on browsing, searching and filtering
  • a new offers system with some necessary fraud detection
  • seller tools and more promotional packages
  • buyers tools to better keep track of offers
  • Integration with Escrow to ensure smooth and risk-free transacting
  • RSS feeds for those wanting to syndicate content
  • forum dedicated to questions around buying and selling projects, products and micro online businesses
  • a shiny new help desk where you can get in touch with us via email and online form
  • brand new newsletter

The platform has a brand new name and a fresh new look, but it will remain dedicated to independent makers and business owners. We believe that the new name will help us reach and meet the needs of this unique world of bootstrapped, indie product makers – both for acquiring and selling projects and products. Read more about our rebrand on the forum.

My Account? The Migration?

Previous Account holders such as myself will “receive an email that contains a link to your account on the new platform where you can view all your previous listings and offers

This email will provide a temporary password which you can change later. Account-holders are also asked t review/update their account listing to take advantage of the relevant site categories.

My Opinion

This Rebranding and Platform is largely welcome given the singular dominance of Flippa and the need for another platform. The new UI has a much better look and is more silly navigatable, essentially I am ecstactic for the changes and look forward to the future of the platform.

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Lance Cameron
Lance Cameron
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