TVJ Dot Com Spits An Error

tvj dot com error 10112013

It’s Quite Regular on the internet to see Websites/Pages spit out errors to our very dismay when things go Wrong but Today’s error at will cost them valued web Traffic. In a Week where they already gathered some tough backlash after the acquisition of local broadcast rights for “The Voice “, an american talent show, and not “Bring It” in the right way… Quality or Live. For that Matter even Making Long seasoned watchers of the 5 year old tv show miss every opportunity of the show because there is a Local Block of NBC connected to their broadcast rights On less  they Got The Internet.

All these events make me wonder if the site is hacked. Many Question left unanswered here but also many users who watch the Live Stream on the Site will miss Out On Some Programs while the Site is Being Repaired.

SITE HAS BEEN UPDATE AT PUBLISH TIME… BUT what really happened here?

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Lance Cameron
Lance Cameron
Lance is the Publisher and Chief Editor at BITVoxy. He writes about business, digital culture, crypto, gaming, tech, entertainment, and more. He considers himself a Digital Explorer and News Junkie.

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