JAM-DEX is now Available in NCB LYNK App

JAM-DEX, Jamaica’s Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) is now available with the LYNK Mobile app.

Lynk app users will be able to use their JAM-DEX to:

  • pay bills such as JPS, Utilities etc.
  • purchase mobile phone credit for Digicel and Flow
  • transfer to friends and other LYNK users
  • paying for services at over 2,000 LYNK Merchants
  • Exchange to and from JAMDEX/JMD.

Sagicor Bank, JN Bank and JMMB Bank have also indicated that they will develop JAMDEX-compatible digital wallet apps.

JAMDEX was made legal tender last month when the Upper House of Parliament passed the legislation.

It was initially piloted last year with a limited rollout among the staff of the central bank and a few select Jamaicans.

The government of jamaica and the central bank intends for its CBDC to be a way to encourage digital adoption and unfragmented digital access.

How To view your JAM-DEX balance

Open the Lynk app and click on the arrow on the blue banner.

Once clicked, you will be presented with all your balances within the app, at the moment only the Jamaica Dollar and The JAM-DEX CBDC.

Wanna learn more about how to use the JAM-DEX app? visit the Lynk JAM-DEX page.

To celebrate the launch of JAM-DEX within the Lynk mobile app, Lynk will be offering 10% cashback to some #LuckyLynkies who shop at Lync Merchants and post a video about it.

Lynk - Digital Payments
Lynk - Digital Payments
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