Facebook Introduces a Home and Feeds Tab

Mark Zuckerberg has announced that Facebook adding two new tabs to its mobile app, thus dividing the Home feed into its mobile app.

The Home Tab

A new tab named “Home” will be the general homepage and the first thing you see when you open the Facebook mobile app. It will have the general overview of Reels and Stories along with personalized recommendations.

The Feeds tab

The New tab named “Feeds” is a way to view all the latest posts from your friends, Favorites, Pages and groups. The tab will also host a curated/filtered list of your favourite friends and pages in this new tab.

Another great benefit of this new tab is the fact that there will be no Suggested For You posts in this tab and/or ads.

These new Tabs are launched because the general experience on Facebook has been the algorithmic pumping of content that is mostly never related to the people, groups or pages you have followed. These features thus help to improve the visibility of the people, groups and pages you follow.

The feature will be visible in the Facebook app on iOS as a tab in their shortcut bar, found at the bottom of the app while for Android users it will be found at the top.

These tabs in the shortcut bar will be changed based on the parts of the app you’re using the most with the option to personalize and pin a tab in your shortcut bar.

The new tabs will roll out globally to new devices in the next coming week.

What do you think about these new tabs? leave your thoughts below in the comments.

Lance Cameron
Lance Cameron
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