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    You can Now Buy Products Directly In The Instagram Chat

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    Meta has announced the introduction of a new eCommerce solution for businesses within Instagram Direct.

    This new option it says will allow users to “start conversations with businesses they care about and help them find and buy products they love in an easy, seamless experience, right from the chat thread”.

    How does it Work?

    Instagram Direct Buyer

    For example, if you’re interested in a backpack, all you have to do is send a message to the business about the one you love. From there, you can chat about customizations — like adding your initials — and then place your order right in the chat

    Instagram Users will then be able to make purchases right within the chat.

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    Once you have paid for your order, you can then use the same chat thread to then track your order and ask the business follow-up questions.

    This certainly simplifies the eCommerce experience by having a single record of both the transaction and customer support for shoppers.

    How to Become a Seller?

    Instagram Direct Seller

    The new feature will allow Small businesses will be able to:

    • Chat with customers in real time to answer questions and confirm purchase details.
    • Create a payment request with item description and price.
    • Request and collect payment.

    Small businesses that want to use this feature will first have to meet a few criteria, essentially having an Instagram business account and submitting some essential personal information for KYC.

    This new eCommerce option will be powered by Meta Pay, a payment platform integrated into Meta products which is currently only available for users in Brazil, USA and Thailand.

    Meta plans to gradually roll out “Facebook Pay“/”Meta Pay” (They are not sure about their branding here) to other countries around the world in the future. Meta uses Paypal as a payment partner to make this platform possible.

    Meta notes that all Payments made with this new feature are made using a secure process and protected.

    Meta has increased its drive to include e-commerce features into its platform even as it buried the last vestiges of Diem formerly known as Libra, its promising permissioned blockchain-based stablecoin payment system.

    This I not the only option for businesses to sell their products on Meta platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. In June 2021 it introduced Shops across WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram in select countries, Live Shoppings Fridays and WhatsApp carts.

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