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West Hunt Social Deduction Game Out Now on PC

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Cowboy shoot’n social deduction game from creators Snail Games and Wondering Wizard, West Hunt is now available in Steam Early Access.

Sheriffs will face off against Outlaws in tense cat-and-mouse games, trying to uphold the law and stop wrongdoers dead in their tracks. Future Outlaws are gonna need all the help they can get, and thankfully we’ve got just the ticket for ya: a brand new trailer.

Whether yer causin’ a ruckus alone or with a partner in West Hunt, avoid’n the wrong end of a Sheriff’s six-shooter can be tough. But the Snail Games and Wandering Wizard team might be able to lend a hand. So don yer black hat and get ready to stirrup some trouble; it’s the Outlaw’s time to shine.

West Hunt is set in a small but bustling village in the Old West, filled with kind-hearted folks from all walks of life. But among them hides a wolf in sheep’s clothing, stirring up trouble right under their noses: the Outlaw! Lucky for this one horse town there’s a Sheriff ‘round these parts, with a loaded six-shooter at their hip and justice in their heart.. After players receive their role, the deadly game of cat-and-mouse begins!

Gameplay screenshot

Key Features of West Hunt Include:

  • Belly Through the Brush: Dodge Johnny Law with randomized elements every game, including Outlaw skin and Outlaw missions. Sheriff hints are also located in random places each round to even the odds.
  • Howdy Pardners!: 1 vs 1 isn’t the only way to play. Team up for 2 vs 2 matches, play against bots, and create unique rules with custom games.
  • Quit Yer Yammering: In-game voice chat means Outlaws and Sheriff’s can taunt one another to their heart’s content!
  • Best Dressed in the West: Customize the look of the Sheriff, personalize winning and losing emotes, and even get a helper hound to sniff out trouble!
  • West Hunt is now available on PC via Steam Early Access. A full release announcement coming will be made at a later date. Players can purchase the game today at:
West Hunt
West Hunt
Developer: NewGen
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