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    Veteran Game Developer makes Immortal Darkness: Curse of The Pale King Free-to-Play for PC

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    Game developer and publisher, Giant Space Monster has announced a free-to-play PC Edition of its dark fantasy dungeon crawler, Immortal Darkness: Curse of The Pale King is now available for download via its website.

    Originally published in November 2018, The game is the last creation by game development veteran Chris Shrigley of Giant Monster games who plans on retiring from the industry.

    He has had over 40 years of experience in the video game industry, that is right, from 1983.

    The game, an epic, dark, atmospheric dungeon crawler, populated by fiendish traps, puzzles and vampires, was originally released in 2018, and has been updated and released as “freeware” for the Holiday season. 

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    To mark his retirement, Chris has not only decided to remove the game from steam which he believes is his best and most complete work but is giving the title away for free for anyone to play.

    “We wanted to let more people play the game, and so in the spirit of the Holiday season, we decided to make it available to everyone to download and play for free. It’s our gift to gamers everywhere, and we hope people enjoy playing the game over the Holidays.”


    Chris originally chronicled his development of Immortal Darkness as a blog series on Gamasutra.

    Here is a cool interview

    What is Immortal Darkness: Curse of The Pale King?

    The Official gameplay trailer of Immortal Darkness: Curse of The Pale King

    Immortal Darkness: Curse of the Pale King is a dark fantasy dungeon crawler, with challenging real-time tactical combat, a wide variety of spells, and a dark and brooding dungeon full of lethal enemies, sadistic traps, and mind-bending puzzles. You are Shade, an ancient and legendary vampire hunter, who has been bitten, and now struggles against the vampiric curse. You must fight your way through a twisted labyrinth of horror and death to finally face the Pale King, lord of all Vampires, before succumbing to the vampiric curse yourself.

    Enter a world on the brink of utter destruction, where nearly all life has been destroyed by a spreading plague of vampirism. As Shade, an ancient and legendary vampire hunter, who has been bitten and even now struggles to resist the curse of vampirism, you must enter a dungeon of death and madness, to face the Pale King, Lord of all vampires. As you make your way through this dungeon of horrors you must balance your need to drink blood to survive against your internal struggle against the evil that is consuming you.

    The player takes on the role of Shade…

    A Description of the game via Giant Space Monster

    Key Takeaways from this announcement

    1. This version of the game is completely free
    2. it has no No spyware, no crypto miners, no malware, no data gathering or snooping, and no in-app purchases or paywalls
    3. Has several improvements and bug fixes, and doesn’t rely on Steam or any Steam services.
    4. If you previously purchased the game on Steam, this version is compatible with your saved games and can be played instead.

    To download the Immortal Darkness: The Curse of The Pale King PC Edition? You can also do this by heating to the official Immortal Darkness Website.

    You can also pay your respects to The Game Developers / The Giant Space Monster (All Hail The Giant Space Monster) by tapping/clicking the “Buy Us A Coffee” on the official game website.

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