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    Verlux Cross-chain NFT Marketplace Announces Their Pre-sale Rounds

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    Walsall, West Midlands, UK, 24 Dec 2021, The Verlux team is happy to announce the long-awaited pre-sale of its $VLX token. The pre-sale round will kick off from December 26, 2021. Meanwhile, it continues to work towards building the Cross-Chain NFT platform.

    Verlux is a community-driven decentralized Cross-chain NFT Marketplace open to users across the globe where they can mint, buy, swap, or sell their NFTs without spending excessively on gas fees while enjoying the security of the Cardano Blockchain. The objective is to create a global marketplace for users to trade NFTs on a wide range of blockchains that boasts the strongest security and full decentralization.

    The novel feature of the Verlux Cross-Chain NFT platform is its Cross-Chain swap protocol, giving users the ability to swap their NFTs from other blockchains to the Cardano Blockchain to utilize the cost effectiveness of the Cardano network.

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    According to the Verlux team, “users of Verlux will be able to use NFT market where interoperability of NFT will become fully functional, where contents like music, art, ideas, etc., can be digitalized and traded.”

    Verlux’s Features

    • Low platform fees by eliminating high transaction fees, due to the Cardano Blockchain.
    • The implementation of smart contracts allows the elimination of middlemen, thereby helping users to save the cost of commission paid to such third parties.
    • Safe and transparent transaction between buyers and sellers is also assured.
    • Verlux is integrating a staking platform for its users to generate rewards by staking the $VLX token to farm special edition and 100% exclusive NFTs

    $VLX Token

    The Verlux NFT marketplace will powered by $VLX, the native utility token on the Cardano blockchain. $VLX has a total supply of 1 billion tokens and will be utilized on the platform in multiple such as featured NFT listings, Stake to Earn and also Stake to Earn Featured NFT Drops, Creator Profile verification and serve as a governance system for holders to vote on developments that should be implemented on the platform.

    $VLX Pre-Sale Details

    Once the $VLX Token Pre-Sale is live on the 26th of December, users can acquire the $VLX token by visiting the $VLX token Sale Page.

    • Pre-Sale Allocation: 200,000,000 (20%)
    • Token Sale Price: 1 ADA = 500 VLX.
    • Minimum Buy: 200 ADA.
    • Maximum Buy: 10,000 ADA.
    • Pre-Sale End Date: Pre-Sale closes on 22nd January.
    • $VLX token distribution will begin at the end of the pre-sale

    VLX Initial token distribution is crafted to ensure fair initial distribution to early adopters while also ensuring optimal initial decentralization. The minimum buy is 200 ADA while the maximum buy is 10,000 ADA to prevent anyone from becoming a whale.

    About Verlux

    Verlux with our creative team experienced in blockchain technology is creating the first cross-chain swap protocol for NFTs built on the Cardano Blockchain. Verlux will constantly remain innovative in its mission to provide solutions to take the NFT ecosystem to the next level.

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