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The VoiceLocal Fan of “The Voice” In Jamaica have been getting a raw deal from the TVJ/Digicel Deal which has seen the NBC Cable Channel Being Blocked during “The Voice” Live Airtime on Flow. They have become a turn off to fans by bringing the TV Show at Low Video and Audio Quality on their first Attempt to Bring the TV Show Live on RETV, in its correct slot. The Problem however is that they have now been only allowed to do delayed coverage that appears many hours after the real show… now here is the fun in watching a delayed show. The following statement sounds like a fix:

Statement from Television Jamaica

Last night a series of unforeseen technical glitches impacted the planned airing of The Voice on RE TV at 7pm. Television Jamaica and RE TV are aware of the distress that audiences who wanted to see this show at 7pm would have been experiencing and we sincerely apologise for this.

These technical mishaps are not the norm for us and we assure audiences that we will be doing everything that is required to avoid a repeat of what took place.

We are committed to provide all our audiences with platforms that give great programming. Mishaps do happen, but we are determined to get it right for you.

Claire Grant
General Manager

RJR Communications Group has Create a blunder here and it is hoped that this announcement to address our major concerns will be taken VERY SERIOUSLY.

So here are the Online Alternatives to watch the show LIVE and DIRECT:



Oh and Please join the “No to the Voice on TVJ” Social Media Page

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