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    Special Report: Has The World Ended Yet?

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    Special Report
    This is a special report on a very desired event that recommends pre-launch coverage hence be prepared for our March 15 2011 launch but be aware of the information given in this article.

    Has The World Ended Yet!!!!?
    In light of the recent developments coming from what some might assume as being flase prophecy coming from a Harold Camping, Family Radio. The information was clear for all to understand the revelations but it cause furry for many when they discovered it was another failed prophetic message as in the pass, Trabass Tv Video and example.

    Popular Social Media Sites were in buzz with qoutes like

    many even used the hash tags #judgementday #rapture #apocalypseplease #endoftheworldconfessions , #myraptureplaylist and others just t name a few.

    It is quite clear many sites were cashing in on the traffic. its a fact that using popular topics.

    For all those who beleived they were given a slight push of Encouragemnet when it came clear that theier was an eartquake in New ZealandEarthquake Info. Information that gave this revelation such strength is the fact that the prophetic holders themselves were very intent on holding the fact that campings revelations were from the bible, the bible fact dating from the 

    Personal Note
    Lets Just make it known that it is clear that another prediction will never hold this large proportion again but that it holds fact that there will be another deadline in October for which will be a period timing which they hold as being a time of destruction for those not rapture…. including them we might say. maybe this prophetic loss in some household is a good thing.
    with all this baptism and all that shit only time can tell.
    Hold fast till he come.


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