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SOOT Arrives on Steam

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Strategy and Space simulation game, SOOT has arrived on Steam for $17.99 USD.

An ancient journal falls into the hands of Laura MacKenzie, a young scientist, with which she relives the experiences of Captain Christopher Mason and discovers the secrets of The Federation, a powerful and forgotten space civilization that used centuries ago an advanced technology to terraform planets.

A description of SOOT

SOOT presents players with a dramatic story full of mysteries, conflicts of interest, and a complex political plot.

The story of SOOT will be revealed to us through interactive comics and dialogues on each of the levels.


A game that invites deep reflection and immerses us in problem-solving with a complex simulation system:

  • The level-based progression challenges the player throughout the story.
  • A narrative that tells an engaging story presented through gameplay and interactive comics.
  • A stylized version of the science fiction genre with a richly detailed Steampunk aesthetic.
  • Mature discussion of how human influences the environment through technology.

SOOT features 17 different planets, over 20 structures, and 14 interactive comic book scenes, all developed with special care and attention to detail. With unique steampunk aesthetics, complex 3D modelling, and detailed illustrations, every moment in SOOT is a beauty to behold.

SOOT was developed by Ceiba Software & Arts studio from Costa Rica with the collaboration of Micropsia Games, a Chilean studio and publisher, and BadLand Publishing.

Developer: Ceiba Software and Arts
Price: $ 19.99 participates in affiliate programs to help cover operating expenses. We may earn/receive a small percentage of sales(Commission) from affiliate links. Learn more.

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