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    Robo Legend is Now out on Steam

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    Indie game studio Little Neuron has announced that its pixel-art RPG title, Robo Legends is now available on Steam.

    Little Neuron’s first game title, Robo Legends is a twin-stick pixel-art RPG where you play the role of a mercenary Robo who must embark on an epic robotic adventure through Gear Town.

    As Robo, you will decide the destiny of Gear Town and its robot people. Make decisive choices, explore biomes, solve puzzles and mini-games, battle hordes of robotic enemies in this cute pixel-art Twin Stick Shooter RPG, and write the Robo legend.

    a description o the game from Steam


    • Be Good or evil. Choose to protect Gear Town and its people or enslave them.
    • Achieve 10 unique endings. Your choices write your Legend.
    • Explore a vast and varied world. Explore 7 different biomes and find hidden areas.
    • Fight. Beat the Bosses and their evil hordes.
    • Discover Gear Town, a charming Wild West town ruled by colorful robots.
    • Complete over 25 quests. Locals also have missions for you
    • Upgrade Robo. Obtain additional weapons, armor and useful robot parts.
    • Choose your difficulty. Adjust the level of challenge to suit your mood.
    • Fish. An intuitive fishing mini-game with fish robots and drone spears.
    • Enjoy a rockin’ and furious soundtrack. Perfect for pulverizing evil robots.
    • Test a combat simulator. Blow up robots at will.
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    The game is priced at $10 on Steam with an added 10% discount if you buy the game now.

    Little Neuron was founded in 2021 by Travis O’Brian as an independent video game studio based on the East Coast of the United States (Allentown, PA).

    Robo Legend
    Robo Legend
    Developer: Little Neuron LLC
    Price: $ 4.99
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