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In search of a way to play a board game like Monopoly with your friends via your mobile device and/or the web? Look no further than Plutopoly, a simulator business dice game with multiplayer support. Like Monopoly, you can trade and rent properties, invest in the stock market, build houses and even experience random events.

The new Android based game is the Work of Filorux, creators of the Treat Tracker Android app which allows you to users to earn various types of points for carryout out their daily tasks.

So what does Plutopoly offer?

Plutopoly is a free Monopoly business board game with both local and multiplayer support. Players can build houses, trade and rent properties, invest in the stock market and experience random events.

You can play locally, with or without board, or online against friends. You can change settings to your heart’s content. It is very flexible and many new things are coming!

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Modes: The game offers three modes: Local multiplayer, Online Multiplayer and Playing with Bots(NPC).

Settings: The game is extreme customization, allowing you the player to change things such as maps, map rents and various defaults to your liking.

Extensions: Players can make the game even more interesting via extensions which gives cool support for new features such as:

  • Banking: get loans and interests
  • Stocks: buy world stock
  • Transportation: use train stations to move around the map
  • Drain the lake: add a street to the map

Plutopoly Online – You can even play the game via any web browser, Plutopoly has a glorified Progressive Web App (PWA) which allows you to not only install the app on your mobile device like any pother application but even on the desktop via any PWA enabled Chrome Browser(Chrome or Edge). All the apps data is also stored locally on your device(mobile/desktop).

The web app however has the disadvantage of being slow given its is designed purely to be mobile friendly.

The development of the app does not end there, Filorux plans on adding other cool feature to the game such as map editor, levels/mods/worlds, game presets, following and other cool features which even you can suggest.

One suggestion i would personally put forward is improving the overall UI, the current UX is boring.

So if you have cool idea for a new Plutopoly feature or extension, feel free to reach out to Filorux via email or the games community. And why stop there with the suggestion, Filorux even allows your to submit names for lands/cities and in game jokes.

So what are you waiting for? If you love Monopoly, Business simulation game or just wanna enjoy playing games remotely with your friends, Plutopoly is just the game for you.

Plutopoly: customizable✨ Board Game
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