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Paragon Pioneers now available on the App Store

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Indie game developer Tobias Tenbusch has announced the release of Paragon Pioneers and The App Store.

This News follows the release of the game on the Google Play store earlier this month (two months ago).

Inspired by city-building games such as Anno and The Settlers Online, Paragon Pioneers allows players on iOS to get their hands on a unique mix of an empire-builder and idle game.

Paragon Pioneers is a city-building idle game in which you discover, conquer and then build on islands to fulfill the needs of your inhabitants. Even with limited time to play you can enjoy this deep simulation game and follow one of the countless ways to optimize your empire. Build an impressive palace and go down in history as Paragon’s most successful leader.


  • BUILD YOUR EMPIRE STONE BY STONE: Construct over 100 different buildings to meet all the needs of your inhabitants.
  • PRODUCE more than 70 goods with complex production chains.
  • DISCOVER more islands for your ever-growing empire: build a big fleet, send them over the sea and widen your realm step by step.
  • CONQUER newly discovered islands from the orcs with an intuitive and many-faceted combat system.
  • RELAX as your empire stays active even while you are not playing.
  • IMMERSE in a stylized and cute medieval/fantasy setting while not being bothered by ads, in-app purchases or being online.
  • SHAPE every island in the game with a unique island generator for your needs.
  • ENJOY this game again and again with selecting a special custodian at the end. Offering powerful skills for your following empires.

Paragon Pioneers Gameplay Trailer

Available in both English and Gerrman, The game took 2 years to be developed by its Berlin, Germany-based solo developer, Tobias Tenbusch who used the Unity Game engine.

If you like to try it before you purchase the game on the Google Play Store, Visit the Paragon Pioneers Demo page.

The Game can be downloaded from The App Store and Google Play Store for a price of €3.99, $3.99 (pay once, no ads, no iap).

Paragon Pioneers Demo
Paragon Pioneers Demo
Developer: Tobias Tenbusch
Price: Free
‎Paragon Pioneers
‎Paragon Pioneers
Developer: Tobias Tenbusch
Price: $3.99
Paragon Pioneers
Paragon Pioneers
Developer: Tobias Tenbusch
Price: $3.99 participates in affiliate programs to help cover operating expenses. We may earn/receive a small percentage of sales(Commission) from affiliate links. Learn more.

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