NoName Introduces A Special of Dating App


Tired of Swiping right? Ghosted conversations? No Name is a dating app with a whole new kind of perspective.

This post is not related to the chat app found on the App store for iOS devices.

What makes the NoName App so special?

It addresses the heart of issues faced by other dating apps, issues such as Security, Privacy and Dead-end Communications.

Instead of swiping through profiles, A user of the app will post date to meet in person. This creates a sense of mystery for the user which gives added layer to first impression convos.

How does It Work?

A user of the app simply posts a date on the name app. This eliminates the whole swiping/conventional match, messaging and plan cycle found in other dating apps.

Dates are thus based on one’s personal preference/interest could be anything from a meal at your favourite restaurant or dance at a fancy club, You choose the time and the venue for the date.

The users then sit back and awaiting the requests from which to select or you could just request to join dates posted by others via the feed on the apps home screen.

How does this Solve Privacy and Security Issues?

First Names can only be revealed via app messaging or on the actual date, once both users have agreed to meet in person.

Profiles are only visible only when the user will post date or send a request to dates posted by others (in the latter case, visible just to that one person).

Profiles don’t present names or social connections which present users the opportunity to stalk and research a particular date.

Sure you chat within the app but only meet in person based on an agreement between users. The app users are also given impressive control over the app’s privacy and control.

An added level of security is the fact that all potential members of the app are screened and approved by an internal team which currently includes a pre-launch list of over 12,000 subscribers being reviewed.

“Virtually, we’re taking away the endless swiping needed to enhance your chances of securing a match, by establishing dates and leaving the conversations for when face to face. Our intent is to champion an app that will perhaps bring a higher level of security to dating applications, whilst being largely reflective of the user’s time for efficient matching,”

says Kanav Puri – No Name App Founder

The NoName Dating app is available on both Google Play and the App Store.

So if you’re looking for a truly different, private and controllable dating experience, NoName looks to be a great solution.

No Names
No Names
Developer: Optech LTD.
Price: Free
‎No Names
‎No Names
Developer: OPTECH Ltd
Price: Free
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