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    NEKTR aims to be the Worlds First Pro-Medical Cannabis NFT Gaming Platform

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    Think Cannabis and NFT gaming and NEKTR would be the first thing that comes to mind.

    Cannabis has become a hot topic for most countries that still maintain a very strict regulatory prohibition of the use and supply of cannabis.

    The NEKTR token is joining forces with other pro-cannabis communities to spread awareness of Cannabis’s potential benefits.

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    It’s upcoming play-to-earn Cannabis NFT game Legendary Leaf is slated for a February 2022 release.

    NEKTR’s message to the world is that “Cannabis has a medical use that can benefit all of us.”

    NEKTR will dedicate a minimum of 10% of its NFT game revenue towards a medical cannabis reimbursement program NEKTR Holders and help to expand a wider local and low-cost access to cannabis.

    Only 5 countries have a law backing the unfettered use of cannabis according to the canvassing of global weed regulations in 2021. It seems to be the hardest of tasks to have a global unfettered use of cannabis but NEKTR has committed to “take on the world on such a controversial issue as the legalization of cannabis”.

    CANNABIS has more health benefits than its recreational use. 

    According to a 2019 article by the Medical Cannabis Network, there are twenty potential health benefits from the medical use of cannabis, some of which include the prevention of diabetes and the relief of chronic pain. This follows the result of the scientific finding which shows that ‘cannabis contains CBD which is a chemical that impacts the brain, making it function better without giving it a high along with THC which has pain-relieving properties.’

    All that said, Pro-cannabis sentiment is at the core of NEKTR’s tech mission to create awareness through a cannabis NFT gaming ecosystem which offers low-cost transactions to gamers and cannabis advocates who want to generate income from trading and staking the LEAF token, the primary charity activism token in the same ecosystem.

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