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    Kingston Beta For February 23rd 2012

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    The Bi-monthly Tech meetup Kingston Beta kicks off the year 2012 with its meeting on Thursday February 23rd, 2012 at the Jamaica Pegasus, Kingston, Jamaica.

    Among the things on agenda is a BETA Pitch! startup contest where Caribbean start-ups in the Caribbean or even the diaspora can pitch their idea to an audience of potential customers, successful entrepreneurs, investors, influential bloggers and tweeters who can catapult you to the next level and beyond.

    The event will be $500jmd/$5usd to attend and will see speakers pitch their idea for no extra cost.

    Yahja Beta will continue to keep a close eye on the events.
    For more details:

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    Companies interested in taking advantage of this new opportunity must apply by emailing Ingrid Riley at [email protected] or calling 1 876 864 2440. | Dianne Harris 361 8703

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     Or visit the website at

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