Jolly – A Professional Network for Independent Workers

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Jolly is a professional network for Freelance and Independent Workers. It’s aimed to help Independent workers to build their careers, network and reputation.

A Visit to its websites gives the impression that the platform is essentially a Mashup of Freelance platform, Upwork and the professional network LinkedIn. The only major difference between Jolly and these platforms however being its deddication to independent workers.


You can say the functionalities are similar to LinkedIn, A user sign ups for an account after which the have a professional account. This account displays valuable professional information such as your resume, social links, positions, recommendations, past jobs, clients and endorsements just to name a few.

  • Each user has a profile page
  • Business can create and manage business accounts
  • A Jobs section like LinkedIn but Sourced from Craiglist and User posted jobs
  • Notify account holders of relevant jobs in their area.
  • A Progressive Web App (PWA) which means its Installable on your mobile device or desktop.
  • “Jolly’s also a middleman-free marketplace to hire/get hired: we never take a cut, from anyone.”
  • Users earn points called “Cred” for each post that their fellow Jolly users mark as helpful.
  • Each post can either be tagged as a Stories,Questions,Resources,Uplifting,Shout-out or Promotion.

Jolly is the work of Shelby Stevens (CEO/co-founder) and Zach Fragapano (COO/Co-founder). They are also joined by Ronak Gothi who rounds out the team as a Senior Engineer.

The team, 3 years ago initially started working on a SaaS based Freelance Management system for businesses which hire a lot of independent workers. They then realized massive need among both sides of the Independent Working experience in 2018 when they began Research and Development of Jolly.

The project is also backed by the popular American Seed Accelerator, Techstar via its Austin Techstar’s chapter. The completed the program earlier this year, March 2020.

So if you are looking for a LinkedIn/Upwork Mashup, Jolly is the professional network for Independent workers.

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