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We are in the 21st the 21st century and many in Jamaica may be ask themselves the question of whether modern day politics has caught on to the very pivotal role Technology can play in a campaign. don’t get us wrong but Barrack Obama‘s First campaign was powered by hist campaigns teams use of social media. Jamaicans may not largely be apart of the Tech enthusiasm in some peoples minds however having an online presence would influence the diaspora and citizens who do take the web as a serous social persuader.Lets take a look at the Parties usage of the Social Media and Web Factors:

The Jamaica Labour Party website

The Jamaica Labour Party
The Jamaica Labour party should be recommended for making strong use of the technology available. There Webster is well executed and designed to match the theme of t he party and the plans it executes a a government.
Social media management is vast spanning many pages to do with the organization in that of the JLP Fan page, G2K chapter groups, members of the party having pages and many we might not even be seeing in time.
The Prime Minister and Leader of the jamaica Labour party has a fan page @ http://www.facebook.com/AndrewHolnessJM and a twitter page @AndrewHolnessJM which is smart move. The ALSO HAVE  MAIN TWEETER ADDRESS FOR THE WHOLE PARTY @JLPJam.
The Following of twitter accounts and the availability of accounts concerning the party are far vast compared to that of the PNP. 

The Danville Walker Website

Candidates even go as far as having websites, one example in the JLP that is known is Candidate Danville Walker for Central Manchester @www.danvillewalker.com which has a great website that can rival that of Peter Buntings(which we will cover further don in this article). Danville Walkers defaced billboards even have/had the clear reference to the website… which is great for marketing.Other websites at this time might not be in our knowledge. The sites media room even covers items of importance.
In conclusion of the Jamaican Labour party‘s usage it would be fair to say they j\have done a lot while not going far but they have done their best.

The Peoples National Party

The PNPs usage is reletively given in a non existent feeling based on where we looked. Their website could use a great professional web designer thought the site fits in however improvements are necessary.
There is a clear chance on twitter @JamaicaPNP which has 444 following and its glad to see it is active when we last looked.

Their facebook page has 1,424 fans compared to that of the JLPs massive 11,392. They are are discussed 402 times compared to the JLPs 751 times. 

You might  have seen a Clear reference to Peter Buntings website which we can say is the est website for the PNP or a PNP candidate we have sen far thought it needs a bit more redesigning.
The party with the most influence on the Technological factor of Social Media na the web would be The Jamaica labour party Which has a largefollowing on Facebook throught its varioous groups and a greatly designed website.
In conclusion the Party May not have a far better presence than that i might that of the JLP support but i am clearly sure the have a presence… somewhere.

Third Parties
This article has become long however it would’nt be fair to not mention the third parties in that of the New Nations Coalition and The National Democratice Movement…. maybe in the next post.

As the web becomes a critical part of our lives there will be a far more greater use of the online resources available for campaign. we might even see a Mobile Apps in the future coming from parties if we are  not surprised.

Writers Note
Jamaican online politics entails websites and social media strength prowess. its clear this article turned into a large review but it did the job…. You are free to leave tour comments below or to our tweeter address @yahjaweb

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