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    InfoDev, a Global World Bank initiative, has an expanded Operation to the Caribbean with the launch of a pitch competition dubbed ‘PitchItCaribbean’.

    What is a pitch?

    A pitch is a presentation in which you articulate your business’ proposition as clearly as possible to an audience through a Powerpoint/keynote presentation and live presentation. We will provide you with a pitch template to use, and lots of online references that will help you prepare your pitch.

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    How to enter

    All details on the competition are posted to the following Facebook page:

    In order to enroll in this competition, participants must submit an 11-page pitch presentation in PDF format based on the template uploaded to:

    The deadline for enrollment in pitchIT Caribbean is 5pm EST on 24 Dec 2012 via [email protected]

    Key dates

    • Dec 24 – Pitch deck submission due
    • Jan 18 – Up to 10 Finalists announced
    • Mar 1 – Winners announced


    There are two prize categories: a Grand Prize (selected by an expert jury) and a People’s Choice (selected by the public).

    Grand Prize: At least one member of the winning team will win a trip to South Africa to present the startup in the infoDev Global Forum in May 2013.

    People’s Choice Prize: The finalist that receives the most votes from the public will be awarded the People’s Choice award.

    Other prizes may be announced through the course of the competition.

    If you need any more information, you can contact us via [email protected] or post questions to the competition facebook page (




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