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    Hong Kong Street Artist and Quidd Team Up for Unique Digital Art Collection

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    Legendary Hong Kong street artist Szabotage and digital collectables and NFT marketplace, Quidd have announced their collaboration on a new NFT art series.

    This collection continues Szabotage’s creative journey directly into the metaverse with Quidd users will be given the option to mint the collectables as NFTs.

    Szabotage is the first Hong Kong Street artist to mint NFTs and takes a keen interest in words and verbal languages, yet telling stories through his signature stencil imagery.

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    The Collection

    The Stencil Tongue collection is Szabotage’s first digital art, NFTs have sold for the equivalent of more than US$10,000 each to anyone, whether cryypto native or no via the Quidd Martketpalce.

    The Quidd marketplace allows anyone the ability t buy items off-chain and later seamlessly mint them on-chain.

    His works have symbolic poetry which expresses double meanings, cult language, play on words, Cockney rhyming slang, popular sayings and polar opposites, offering a new perspective and meaning to the status quo.

    Szabotage’s Stencil Tongue collection is slated to appear within the Quidd app on 27 July 2022.

    If you like Szabotage’s collection and would like to receive updates, sign up at 

    Quidd: Digital Collectibles
    Quidd: Digital Collectibles
    Developer: Quidd Inc.
    Price: Free
    ‎Quidd: Digital Collectibles
    ‎Quidd: Digital Collectibles
    Developer: Quidd Inc
    Price: Free+
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