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    Grease Monkey Games Awarded Epic MegaGrant to Aid Torque Drift 2 Development

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    Australian-based multiplatform video games studio, Grease Monkey Games has announced that Torque Drift 2 has been awarded an Epic MegaGrant from Epic Games.

    The Epic MegaGrants was launched in 2019 by Epic Games as a program to help accelerate creative, noteworthy and innovative projects built in and around Epic’s Unreal Engine and those who enhance the open source 3D graphics ecosystem.

    Torque Drift 2 is Grease Monkeys’ latest motorsport game which is currently in development and leverages both blockchain technology and fully functional and playable NFTs at its core.

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    It plans to use the funds received from the Epic MegaGrant to support the game’s development. The game’s drift physics will be of prime importance, creating an immersive and true-to-life motorsport game.

    Grease Monkey Games joins a group of Epic MegaGrant recipients from over 89 countries.

    A Trailer of Torque Drift 2

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