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Googles New Web App GUI

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Google Logo officially released on May 2010Image via Wikipedia

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Google has being making updates to its user interface for some time now, exemplary in their new Search Caffeine UI of the online search.

And now they are taking its further by introducing a much same look as their search engine online User Interface by in introducing a much new layout gradually.

Here’s a close look

Its evident form these screenshot that Google plans on dumping the blue tabs common with their Web app UI and make them ‘gray tabs’. they even change the type of search, they’ve updated it to include a drop down grid of all the different search types, and apps, instead of the old text list. the update is only seen on Web search, Video search, News and Blogs but you will find the same old ‘blue tabs’ appearing on Search, Places, Shopping, Finance, Apps, iGoogle and Books.Google Apps, like GMail, Google Translate, Google Docs and Google Reader haven’t received any form of update either. 

YouTube has its own mobile web app, and  Maps has recently been updated.

Its clear some may not be able to see this update but in due process it will be global hence we all just have to wait till the full role out is clear or see if its just a test. 

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