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    Goodbye World Heads to PlayStation and Xbox on June 30

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    PM Studios and Isolution Studio, independent developers and publishers, have exciting news for fans of their beloved indie game, Goodbye World. The game will be available on Xbox and PlayStation consoles starting July 30th.

    Physical copies of Goodbye Worlds are now available for the PlayStation and Nintendo Switch versions of the game through VGP.

    The game is currently accessible on Steam and Nintendo eShop. However, this upcoming launch will broaden the title’s reach to the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S platforms.

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    What is Goodbye Worlds?

    On November 17, 2022, the Nintendo Switch welcomed the release of a game developed by Yo Fuji and published by Flyhigh Works and PM Studios.

    Goodbye World tells the story of the harsh reality two friends face. These two budding entrepreneurs make indie games, and it’s not all sunshine and roses. Players take the role of games programmer Kanii and graphics artist Kumade who met in college and are trying to create a product that sells. However, they struggle to sell their games, causing them to spend most of their time working part-time jobs to make ends meet.

    Players can expect a story-rich experience that follows the two characters through 13 story chapters. Within the game itself is a game called “BLOCKS” which will give players 12 stages of a puzzle platformer. The game is played by the main character Kanii and is reminiscent of nostalgic handheld video games. In “BLOCKS” cute animal-like characters break and pile up “block” with retro elements reflected in the controls and music. As the main story progresses, the player will discover the secrets of “BLOCKS”.

    a direct description of the game

    Goodbye World Trailer

    Developer: YO FUJII
    Price: $ 11.99
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