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    Good Company is Out Now on PC

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    The Irregular Corporation and CChasing Carrots have announced that business Management Sim, Good Company is now out on PC.

    This release follows its Early Access release (version 1.0) which added a full campaign, co-op multiplayer, rebalancing, and more to the in-depth management game.

    In Good Company, Players Players will need to keep their business afloat in Good Company, but they’ll be able to achieve financial success however they choose.

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    Do they run small and lean, focusing on dependable revenue over the long term? Or perhaps explosive growth is more appealing, expanding the operation whenever possible in an attempt to overwhelm the competition?

    Regardless of the route they take, virtual executives will need to consider a host of factors including personnel and employee logistics, managing supply lines, and optimizing operations to become the best tech company in the county – or go broke trying.

    Chasing Carrots is a self-funded German game development studio aimed at colourful, funny, engaging and smart blends within their games.

    The Irregular Corporation is a developer-focused video games publisher founded in 2015 and has a history of working across more than 100 game titles.

    Good Company is available on Epic Games StoreSteam, and GOG for $24.99 / €22.99 / £19.99.

    Good Company
    Good Company
    Developer: Chasing Carrots
    Price: $ 18.74
    Good Company
    Good Company
    Developer: Unknown
    Price: 24.99 18.74

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