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OK! A follow-up to our post on the Solution for the Goat Island. So there is an Online petition at Change Dot Org which headlines ” No! to Port on Goat Island, Jamaica : No trans shipping Port Portland Bight Protected Area, Jamaica” addressed to the Prime Minster, Portia Simpson Miller. The Petition at the time of writing has 2 thousand signatures from concern citizens of the Global/Local/Regional Community.

This Was The Letter:

Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller, et al,
No trans shipping Port Portland Bight Protected Area, JamaicaYou might not realize that the Hellshire Hills area is the last remaining places that the Jamaican Iguana call home. This native animal use to be pervasive all over Jamaica, and now is on the endangered species list, listed as Critically Endangered according to the IUCN Red List. The waters around this is area are also fragile and need to be watched for signs of diminishing wild life, as many species are also in danger .

There are a total of 59 “Critically Endangered” & 77 “Endangered” species within the Jamaica Island region, on the land and in the waters. Once these plants and animals are lost they are lost forever.

I urge you to reconsider your plans to build the shipping port in the Portland Bight Protected Area, and set that area aside for repopulation of the native species.


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great goat islands and bay

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