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GAMEE’S G-Bots NFTs go on presale

G-Bots are for Arc8's play-to-earn mobile gaming platform


G-Bots, the NFT characters for Arc-8, the popular blockchain mobile game goes on presale today.

What the heck is G-Bots? G-Bots are upgradable NFT game characters used in Arc-8 and in upcoming standalone games. They give owners the ability to unlock greater benefits and functionality as they level up.

Each NFT/bot has a specific class, rarity, and a unique set of nine stats. The stats used by Arc-8 to generate a unique playing experience are based on the rarity of one’s bot.

Bozana Rezab, GAMEE’s co-founder and CEO believes the NFTs are “a great opportunity to boost the Arc8 player base as interest in NFTs grows among casual games players,”

Arc8 has been very popular since its recent launch, garnering over 1.3 million users in under 3 weeks.

This achievement makes it one of the top 3 games on all blockchains and number 1 DApp on the Polygon chain.

That is the sort of popularity any game would love to achieve and NFTs are at the very heart of this popularity. Bozan Rezab even adds ” The rising excitement around NFTs stems from the fact they enable in-game assets to be owned by the player instead of the game’s publisher. This ownership provides the necessary foundation for play-to-earn economies, which we believe will transform the entire game industry.”

Arc8’s Growth has even had an impact on its blockchain, the Polygon chain has jumped ahead of Ethereum based on daily active users.

The presale begins today, 2 November at 1 PM(UTC) at the GAMEE G-Bots website.

Over 1,000 NFT packs in rarities of Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary are available during the presale. Purchases must use GMEE tokens which you can get on Polygon, to buy the NFTs.

G-Bots will be used in one of the 10 casual games on the Arc8 platform, allowing players to participate in one-on-one matches and group tournaments in order to win GMEE tokens as prizes. Additional Arc8 games and standalone games are in development.

To participate or learn more about the G-Bots presale, visit https://gbots.gamee.com/.  

Wanna play Arc8? It is now available for download for iOS via the App Store and Android via Google Play.

Developer: Gamee
Price: Free

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