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    Firework – Chinese Horror-Jam murder-mystery Now out on Steam in English

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    Publisher’s Gamera Game has announced the English release of its horror-puzzle title Firework, now available on Steam, Epic, and GOG.

    The game was initially launched in early 2021 to a Chinese gaming audience. The game has received an overwhelming 19,000 Positive player reviews on Steam.

    Set in a remote Chinese mountain town of Qingtan, the game puts you in the shoes of rookie detective Lin Lixun. Detective Lin Lixun is tasked with investigating a previously closed case that involves the death of an entire family.

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    Detective Lin must investigate this massacre and constantly ask himself whether this was a supernatural phenomenon or an elaborate murder.

    Taking place in the isolated mountain town of Qingtan, Firework’s story begins as rookie officer Lin Lixun arrives to investigate a coffin bursting into flames at a funeral. Taking control of Officer Lin, who possesses the rare gift of being able to communicate with the dead, players begin to investigate the cause of the incident but find themselves quickly sucked into a far bigger mystery and the sinister forces behind it.

    Using Lin’s unnatural talent, players unravel cryptic conversations and solve supernatural puzzles left behind by the dead to uncover the truth behind this past tragedy.

    Firework is brought to life through its distinctive visual style, inspired by watercolor paintings, the creator’s memories of school textbooks, and watching horror movies while growing up in the 80s.

    Proudly drawing on pan-Asian horror stories, culture, and folklore, Firework blends elements and conventions to create a dark and oppressive atmosphere that inspires a sense of creeping dread and fear rather than relying on jump scares as players unravel the horrifying tale.

    A Review

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    Already incredibly well-received in its home country, the English language release of Firework is out now on Steam, the Epic Game Store, and GOG for $9.99/ €8.19/ £7.19.

    Developer: Shiying Studio
    Price: $ 9.99
    Developer: Unknown
    Price: 9.99

    Gamera Game is a Shanghai-based publisher founded in 2018. Focused on providing publishing services for indie games, the team aims to help game developers as their sidekicks. Because of that, it has established friendly relations with dozens of indie developers from all over the world.

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