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    Farming Roguelite Moondrop Goes Early Access August 12

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    Indie / Solo developer Moonroof Studios has announced the release of its farming rogue-lite title, Moondrop into Early Access on PC on August 12, 2022.

    Moondrop is a very unique game which combines tactical farming mechanics with rogue-lite replayability and exploration, taking the roguelike genre to a whole new level.

    The game is the result of the 7 Day Roguelike Challenge in 2020 undertaken by its Cleveland-based “jack-of-all-trades” solo developer.

    Moondrop gameplay

    It’s tough farming on an ever-changing mountain – when the mists roll in, everything disappears! Still, the mountainside has good soil and its hidden trails hold treasure and secrets. Use your skill at farming, crafting, and alchemy to hold back the vanishing mists. When they inevitably arrive, return to the abandoned village of Oncewas with your goods. As you rebuild it, the returning villagers will unlock new upgrades and powers for future farms.

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    Each farm is located on a shapeshifting mountain where magical mists descend nightly and rearrange the terrain. No farm can last forever, but players skilled at farming and alchemy can hold off the mists for a time. You must carefully position their crops for maximum growth while contending with exotic plants that teleport around the farm or cannibalize their neighbours.

    You will explore a procedurally-generated mountain trail “dungeon” filled with puzzles, secrets, and powerful potion ingredients. After each farm disappears into the mists, you rebuild a village to unlock more new upgrades, perks, and magic items for the next run. With skill and persistence, you will reach the top of the mountain and reveal its mysteries.

    You can play the games we demo by visiting:

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