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    Desert Survival Game – Starsand Enters Early Access

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    Where Do You Want To Die? is the question you should be asking while playing this new survival game, Starsand from Toplitz Productions and developer Tunnel Vision Studio.

    Starsand is a game that invites players to venture into the desert and discover the secrets it has to offer. It is inspired by the likes of John Carter and Stargate Starsand sinks players into a harsh and unforgiving desert world where they must forage, hunt, and build to survive, they will need to endure the blazing sun and freezing nights to survive.

    Set against a harsh arcane desert, Starsand sees players construct weapons and defenses, fight strange creatures and explore a vast and hostile environment in their quest to return to Earth. With unpredictable weather, an impactful day and night cycle, as well as deep crafting mechanics, Starsand offers players the freedom to explore a huge landscape filled with strange creatures and artifacts.

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    Players are able to purchase a unique Digital Supporters Pack ($4.79 with a 10% launch discount), which grants access to digital goodies and expands your desert adventure with exclusive content, from a stunning art book, wallpaper, or the original soundtrack.

    The game has officially entered Early Access on Steam, retailing at US$19.99.

    Key Features

    • A massive otherworldly desert landscape to explore. Navigate over 64 km² terrain.
    • Discover a world full of lost monuments, strange artefacts and creatures both modern and ancient.
    • Awaken your survival instincts in this challenging environment. Brave the blazing sun, freezing nights, and brutal sandstorms.
    • Scavenge, gather, harvest and craft. Protect your body and your new home against the dangers of this harsh desert world.
    • Unpredictable weather and an impactful day/night cycle put planning at the forefront. Prepare well for every expedition and all you might encounter.
    • Unravel a thrilling sci-fi adventure. Discover ruins, piece together the truths of this world, solve puzzles and journey deeper into the unknown.

    If you don’t believe how awesome this game is given the mystery, intrigue, and secrets it holds, check out the trailer below.

    a trailer of the Starsand

    Starsand is available for SteamGog, and Epic Games Store.

    Developer: Tunnel Vision Studio
    Price: $ 19.99
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