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    Decipher a Crime Scene with Serial Game “The Lawyer”

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    The Lawyer is an episodic game combining gripping crime story with classic courtroom drama. The story of the game is set in the ’90s and is full of time-accurate technology, and crime-solving equipment. Prepare for the evidence collecting, interrogations, and running fierce battles in the courtroom. 

    The decisions that players will take will affect not only the current case but also future events and the whole storyline.

    In The Lawyer players will take control over two characters – Mike Ferry, an attorney, and Hector Diaz, a private eye.

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    The key to success will be the full usage of their traits and perks. 

    Take a deep dive into incredible world of The Lawyer. Immerse yourself into fully interactive testimonies and cross-examinations at the court. 

    The Lawyer will be available on Steam. 

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