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    Cosmocat and Studio VDS announces closed beta for Astral Flux

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    Cosmocat and Studio VDS are looking for beta testers for their upcoming roguelite action game, Astral Flux. This is your chance to try the game out and help improve the final experience by sharing your feedback. In exchange, they’re offering fully participating testers a copy of the full game upon launch.

    All you need is:

    • A PC with a dedicated graphics card (something low to mid-range should be fine)
    • A Steam account
    • Interest in action rogue-lite games
    • (Nice to have) Gamepad

    They’ll be accepting applications until July 15th, at which point selected testers will be contacted. 

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    If you’re interested, you can find the sign-up form here:

    Note that space is limited; testers will be selected based on their experience with similar games, so please be sure to fill out the optional question at the end of the form to secure your spot.

    About Astral Flux

    Two would-be astronauts and scrappers fumble their way through space, desperately searching for a way home.

    • Travel to the far reaches of distant dimensions
    • Explore ancient alien ruins
    • Come face to face with the terrifying beauty of otherworldly creatures
    • Upgrade your skills and abilities on the way



    • Twitchy retro-inspired gameplay
    • Randomized levels: no two runs are the same
    • Modern lighting and post-processing
    • Original soundtrack and sound design by contemporary electronic composer Snug

    Founded in 2014, Cosmocat Games is an independent game studio based in Nova Scotia, Canada. The company is led by a 20+ year veteran of IT, turned independent game developer, musician, and sound designer Adam “Snug” McLellan.

    Studio VDS is a newly formed studio led by freelance illustrator & game dev, Nathan van der Stoep. In addition to his collaborations with Canadian studio Cosmocat, Nathan has collaborated regularly with fellow Dutch game developer OrangePixel (Residual, Regulator City).

    Astral Flux
    Astral Flux
    Developer: Cosmocat, Studio VDS
    Price: $ 9.99
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