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    Civilization 6 for PC now free on the Epic Games Store

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    Popular turn-based strategy game, Civilization 6 is now free for a limited time on the Epic Game Store as part of its series of weekly free games.

    This release comes on the heels of the previous weeks give away of Grant Theft Auto 5, one of the most popular titles. Both the Grand Theft Auto 5 and Civilization 6 release was hinted at via a Reddit leak.

    Civilization is a a long-running turn-based strategy series where players choose one of history’s great civilizations, such as the Egyptians, the Mongolians or the Spanish, then take them all the way from the Stone Age into the near future. You can conquer the world through military might, or surpass your rivals with diplomacy and technology. The game also offers a variety of difficulties and game lengths, so it’s just as appealing to strategy newbies as it is to hardened wargame grognards.

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    How to get Civilization 6 Free?

    To receive the game, simply head to the dedicated Civilization 6 Epic Games Store page between now and May 28 at 11 AM ET. Click the get now “Get” button where the price would usually be, and log into your account if you haven’t already. The game will now be permanently in your library where you can install it whenever you feel to.

    While you will receive a single DLC with the game, The game has at least $40 worth of paid DLC, which adds civilizations like the Mayans and the Ethiopians.

    These giveaways by the Epic Games Store is marketing strategy not only aimed at bringing in new users in the long term but build up the users pic game store Library. This strategy gives it a firm footing to compete with the likes of Steam and Origin.

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