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    Choosing a WordPress Plugin

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    WordPress is the most common blog platform around yet one of the reasons of its popularity is its Plug-ability. This gives developers the ability to extend the functionality of the Platform but choosing a plugin can be a tardy  task as the plugin gallery at can go in thousands of Plugins depending on what you are looking for.
    Here are 7 important elements you should look for in a plugin before choosing it as your plugin.


    The WordPress gallery of plugins gives plugin creators the best option of making thier plugin official yet plugins can sometimes not be(official).
    It is true that most Plugin Developers/companies that have a very high usage of their plugin(s) due to the quality of their plugin will have a better plugin.
    If the site is a dead link be sure to think through the other elements in this tip before going ahead.
    Examples of a Authorities are Atkismet and BBPress.

    Element of Review

    Going on to the publisher/creator site link you should see reviews and comments on the plugin. if the reviews are bad doesn’t mean the plugins bad… just means those users don’t have a good experience. but depending on your trust of reviews it should be a pivotal element of decision.
    If you have a friend that blogs with the platform it would be best option to gain some advice from that friend as to which type of plugin he/she uses (a friend in need is a friend indeed… right). If you can Google reviews of the plugin you desire then take the best option of doing so.
    Example WP Super Cache.


    If you can get a plugin that’s multi-functional in use as to even eliminate the use of another plugin you currently have then take the chance and use it. or even gaining a function you never knew/had exist before.
    Example Zemanta.

    Continuous Updated

    If you have a plugin with a dedicated plugin developer then its without doubt that the plugin shouldn’t be in the dark when WordPress does it frequent version update. And also when new functions are and can be requested.
    Eliminate each plugin to see which one fits also taking into account the tips given here.


    There is the advice out there that you should have too much WordPress plugins as it will slow down you blog/website. with that as a limitation the choosability of multi-functionality will play a large part in your choice.
    If information on a plugin is what you desire then make sure to look for one that will provide you the benefits of information on the plugin and more tips. Help can come in handy in various situations and having a dedicated plugin developer or Support can be the answer.
    Example SEO Ultimate.
    OK with all that said there are many other tips but we believe these should give you the choice of a proper plugin(s). Please feel free to drop in more tips/tricks to finding the perfect WordPress plugin.
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