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    Cascadia Blockchain Introduces Bithelp, A Charity donation platform

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    Cascadia Blockchain Group Corp. (“Cascadia” or the “Company”) (CSE: CK) today is pleased to announce that the Company has completed the development of a blockchain based charity donation platform “bithelp” ( The platform uses blockchain technology to improve transparency and traceability of donation records. All donations and spending are recorded on blockchain in real-time and allows the public to track all transactions from the beginning to the end. Using bithelp, donors can easily find out whether the funds reached their intended target or used on intended purpose. Bithelp is a charity project initiated by Asia Blockchain Foundation and developed by Cascadia to combat coronavirus globally.  

    What is Cascadia Blockchain?

    Cascadia is an early-stage blockchain technology company listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE: CK).  Its wholly-owned subsidiary, Eurasia Blockchain Fintech Group Limited (“EBFG”), has a conditional FinTech License to operate a cryptocurrency exchange and provide custodian services under the brand of Eurasia International Blockchain eXchang (“EBX”).

    My Opinion

    I have seen similar platforms in the past and this platform should be very useful for charities who have a large effort to be transparent.

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    It is not just from the very act of donating that this platform begins but the essentially budgetary tracking. It is at this level where most charitable organizations become unaccountable.

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