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    Caribbean Sports Streaming Service CSport Website Goes Live

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    There are new Sports Streaming Service and Cable Channel for the Caribbean as the Verticast Media Group has launched CSport.

    This new streaming service will allow viewers from the Caribbean to watch this season’s Premiers League(PL), to which Verticast Holds exclusive rights within the Caribbean.

    PL fans will have free trial access to all the games and live streams until August 31st, Which includes ten matches.

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    Verticast holds the Caribbean rights to this season’s NFL, the 2022 Fifa World Cup, Euro 2024, and 2028.

    The company has made over 40+ agreements with cable companies and groups across the Caribbean (the Bahamas to Guyana)

    Missing from the list of Cable operators are however Flow and Digicel, the regions largest cable operators.

    The long-demanded launch comes on the heels of sports fans complaining about the unavailability of access to the EPL just 3 days away from its first game against Arsenal and Crystal Palace this Friday.

    Mobile apps? The mobile apps for both the Google Play store and the App store are still in development and are slated for launch soon.

    Website & App Experience? The website pretty much has the look of a Netflix or any other live streaming-based service you can come across.

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