Capitalism Lab Fully Playable Demo Now Available

The makers of Capitalism 2 have announced a new limited-time demo of Capitalism Lab.

The demo is available to capitalism 2 users with a 48-hour free trial period, that is 48 hours of gameplay time within the game.

Unlike other demos that are limited in gameplay or content, Capitalism Lab Demo is a fully functional game that includes all of the features of the full version (DLCs not included), allowing you to experience the game without any restrictions during the trial period.

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Enlight Software is a company that develops and publishes video games, founded by Trevor Chan in 1993 in Hong Kong.

How to access the Capitalism Lab Demo?

1) Download and install Capitalism Lab Demo 

2) Register a new Capitalism Lab Demo account

3) Run Capitalism Lab Demo and log in with your account name and password.

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Alex Quake
Alex Quake
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