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    Dj Powa, Producer of ‘Nobody canna Cross it video arrangement has made another video titled “Call Di Contracta (Tutty Gran’)” – DJ Powa Refix Video“.

    Here The Vid:

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    and the original:

    Coming soon!

    Being an avid watcher of the news , i watched the episode (Yes, I consider new to  have episodes) unfold before my eyes i saw rosie displayed her disgust after being flooded into a situation of need and blaming it on the “Contracta”. It was clear that the manner in which she was expressing her self seemed like she was and thus this video fits perfectly in but i doubt it will reach the 4.6 million mark of nobady canna cross it although funny.

    All hopes is that Rosie, (a name she made sound as though it were here neighbor) will get her assistance even if not from the Contracta.

    We will keep a Close Eye out. What do you think?Leave Your comments In the Boxes Below this line…. Yes, thats what it is for.

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