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    Beacon Pines Demo Now Available

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    “Cut & Creepy” Adventure game, Beacon Pines will be a part of this weeks The Big Adventure Event BAE on Steam.

    BAE is a digital celebration and showcase of indie adventure games, presented by Hitcents. BAE 2021 saw 300,000 fans viewing a showcase of 80+ games.

    This year’s showcase kicks off this Thursday, January 20th and ends on Saturday the 22nd of January. This year’s event is even bigger than before with more games, more demos, more fans and community events.

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    Beacon Pines Trailer

    Developed by Hiding Spot Games, Beacon Pines is an adventure game set in a magical storybook. In it you play as both the book’s reader and its main character, a young boy probing mysterious events in his hometown. Along the way you’ll find charms inscribed with new words that let you rewrite past events, leading to entire new sequences of events to explore with Luka and his friends. Check this game out today – It’s like “Winnie-the-Pooh” meets “Stranger Things”.

    • No combat – gameplay focuses on exploration, deep character-driven dialogue, and light puzzle-solving
    • Explore a hand-illustrated town full of charming characters – and unsettling secrets
    • Change past events by turning back the storybook, uncovering new branches
    • Discover new words and use them to write (and rewrite) the game’s story
    • Made by a small team of three developers
    • Coming to PC and Nintendo Switch in 2022

    The demo is available for download on Steam and

    Beacon Pines
    Beacon Pines
    Developer: Hiding Spot
    Price: $ 11.99
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