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    Published on logoIf Reggae Music is your LOVE then there is no other place on the web to get value added Reggae Music For Free Listening than at the Newly Launched which i came across via a Facebook advertising.

    A Journey Through Reggae Music - detailed
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    What Is Artikal?

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    Welcome to Artekal -
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    Artikal is a Personalized Online Reggae Music Reggae Radio which has a unique algorithm which enables a selection of playlist based on one’s mood.  The Site Say :

    Artekal is built by reggae lovers for reggae lovers. We are excited to provide a unique way for enjoying and discovering reggae music. Give it a try and share it with the reggae lovers you know.

    – Via Artikal Blog

    We’ve built an innovative way for you to experience reggae music. Our catalog of reggae music has been put together in a unique way that allows you to use the sliders system that we’ve built to filter through the music you feel like listening to. The system presents certain musical characteristics such as lyrical content, tempo, the era in which the music was released, as well how the music sounds. Use the slider system above to sift through our extensive and growing catalog of reggae music. We hope that you enjoy your journey through reggae music.

    -From Welcome Page

    Our Review

    We Believe this site has a promising market and a remarkable experience although the doubt of copyright issues might arrise, even thought there is no download ability. The Design is Quite Undesirable since the navigation didn’t fit in our Browser effective hence we have to refit to take a screenshot.

    It appears great thought was put together to make this website possible therefore giving this great algorithm, quite effective.

    We would give a 5/10 rating for the site due to the fact that there is a need for more modern additional music to the library however nonetheless this site is a definitively an ultimate recommendation for any reggae lover or those who don’t even know they love reggae.

    Here is A few Screenshot From Our Test Experience:

    So Visit Artikal Today For Your Unique Reggae Radio Experience:

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