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    Aqua Populo Out Now on Steam

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    Aqua Populo, an Arcade Shooter game is now available on Steam.

    The game was developed by Newbuild-C, an indie game developer.

    The game lets players pilot through 100 waves of angry sea-life and punishing bosses in Normal Mode or see how long you can survive the mounting pressure of Timer Mode in this aquatic twin-stick shooter.

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    Aqua Populo’s Features:

    • 2 Game Modes
    • 4 Difficulties
    • 10 Bonuses
    • 10 Bosses
    • 4 Leaderboards
    • 30 Achievements
    • Keyboard or Controller
    • 13 Languages

    Normal Mode:

    You will descend through 100 challenging waves facing 10 punishing bosses as you progress through Normal Mode. Enemy spawn points and bonuses are randomized on every run. Complete Normal Mode to unlock Survival difficulty with no 1-Up bonuses from standard enemies and dedicated leaderboards.

    Timer Mode:

    In Timer Mode the waves are endless with bosses triggered by timer rather than wave count. The boss encounter rate and HP increase as you descend. Try your luck and see how long you can survive…

    Aqua Populo is available on Steam from June 20th, priced at $3.99.

    Aqua Populo
    Aqua Populo
    Developer: Newbuild-C
    Price: $ 3.99
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