Animoca Brands to acquire a majority stake in Bondly


NFT digital property rights powerhouse, Animoca Brands have announced that they have reached a binding agreement to acquire a major stake in Bondly, an NFT solutions provider.

Although Animoca acknowledges that this acquisition is not one of a material nature, It views this as a primary means of driving mass adoption of NFTs across its portfolio of companies.

A portfolio inclusive of gaming, sports, entertainment, collectibles, and other areas.

Bondly has proven technology in the areas of NFT swap protocol, marketplace, and cross-chain NFT minting and bridges. This tech prowess will enable gamers to easily move NFT assets from one blockchain to another.

“Bondly has developed powerful tools to help onboard brands and individuals to the world of NFTs, and has built valuable relationships with many leading brands and artists. These products and relationships will be of great assistance to Animoca Brands and our portfolio companies, including the Launchpad Luna accelerator, as we drive the shift to the true digital ownership model made possible by NFTs.”

Yat Siu, the co-founder and chairman of Animoca Brands.

“Joining forces with Animoca Brands is a game-changing strategic alignment that will propel GameFi to the next level,” said Harry Liu, co-founder and CEO of Bondly Finance. “As a pioneer in the NFT space, we will bring our extensive know-how in delivering high-quality, high-utility NFT experiences to the Animoca Brands portfolio companies.”

Bondly was the first company to got to market with unique products in partnership with influencers and musicians and collaborations with gaming/collectibles creators.

Creators such as Youtuber/Influencer, Logan Paul who had his first-ever limited edition series of NFT collectibles for fans sold out in only 30 minutes of their availability.

Two-time BRIT Award-winner with over 15 Billion streams and chart-topping hits worldwide, Lewis Capaldi partnered with Bondly and quickly sold out his Big Fat Sexy Card Collection NFTs with a vast majority purchased by a non-crypto audience.

Singer/songwriter PelleK quickly sold out the first-ever NFT music album using Bondly’s core product BONDSwap.

Bondly is led by co-founder and CEO Harry Liu and COO Rob Tran, both technology veterans with a combined 30 years of experience in blockchain, SaaS, AI, and eCommerce sectors, among others. Brandon Smith took a voluntary leave of absence on July 16, 2021 and is no longer associated with Bondly.

Conclusion: So it is clear as day that this acquisition is a perfect fit for Animoca Brands and gives it even more power in the area of NFTs.

At the time of writing, there weren’t any notes as to when the deal would be finalized but we look forward to the announcement.

So what are your thoughts on this acquisition? Leave them below in the comments.

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Lance Cameron
Lance Cameron
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