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247Shouts Launches Fundraiser


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Affordable internet accessibility can be a hard thing to find in Jamaica but 247Shouts, a Local Jamaican Internet WiFi Access Point Provider is moving towards is mission  of “make internet and technology accessible for your personal and business use”.

The Mission is to roll out its infrastructure across communities that desire internet access. The Campaign will seek to raise $50,000 USD, roughly $5,359,500 JMD or 320,500 TTD. To date the campaign has raised $75 as of writing this story but we will continue to see where it ends of after the 45 days which remain on the campaign.

If you believe that internet be affordable and reach a far wider reach while benefiting from the many benefits the Campaign has listed, then Go Ahead a Crowfund For entrepreneurial spirit and Highly needed Mission of 247Shouts.

Again, Head Out and Select a Perk and Contribute What You Can .

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